Sunday, June 17, 2012

High School in the Community performers give flight to 'Urban Dreams'

"Urban Dreams" Cast and Crew - High School in the Community, New Haven, Conn.

Upcoming Performance: "Urban Dreams"

Location: Hight School in the Community, 175  Water St., New Haven, Conn.
Date: 6 p.m. Monday, June 18

The Urban Dreams production will address "the everyday issues  that teenagers face inside & outside the classrooms. Through a story of explosive Rap & Hip-Hop lyrics, soulful singing, live music & spoken word, these teens will confront issues such as violence, relationships, media, teacher student conflicts, faith and more; dealing with harsh realities of growing up in environments that feel more like warzones, these teens strive to re-define Urban Dreams," says director Frank E. Brady.

From the minds of the talented students of High School In the Community comes   “Urban Dreams,” a cutting edge play created by teenagers in New Haven that combines comedic outlooks, gripping performances and spell binding  monologues.

For more information on the production,contact F
rank E. Brady at

About The Director:
Frank E. Brady is a nationally known entertainer, educator and motivational
speaker who also currently teaches in the New Haven, Connecticut public
school system. He has appeared on networks such as BET, CNN and NBC. He
conducts workshop on personal development through cultural performance and
has been an invited facilitator, speaker and performer at events such as the
2011 World Youth Peace Summit and the 2011 Congressional Black Caucus
Foundations Annual Legislative Conference where President Barack Obama was
the keynote speaker. “Urban Dreams” will be Frank’s directorial debut.

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Blogger Diasha Johnson said...

I am a close friend of Frank's, and it brings joy to my heart to see him excel in a manner such as "Urban Dreams." I am glad God gave him the creativity to make this production an opening reality to what students go through in the classrooms and in life.. I know that Frank, and the cast of "Urban Dreams" will go far because of the obstacles they've face to get where they are going.. I want to congradulate Frank and say.... "The best is yet to come..." Love you Frank..

June 21, 2012 at 5:46 AM 

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