Saturday, April 21, 2012

Citizens' Agenda: How do you rank taxation in Election 2012?

As a central part of our Citizens' Agenda project, we are conducting an issues poll of voters who will decide the winner of the 5th Congressional District contest.

To date, taxation holds at second place among the top five issues that have emerged so far.

This word cloud captures some of the colorful comments on taxes so far by citizens, political organizers and candidates alike.

Is taxation your No. 1 issue in Election 2012? Many Eyes We continue to seek your feedback. Please follow the link above to the poll and chime in. Your priorities will help determine the topics assigned to reporters and the questions candidates must answer.

Post your thoughts here on the Your Open Newsroom blog, on the Register Citizen Facebook page or email Community Engagement Editors Angi Carter and Ed Stannard at

Thank you!

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