Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Citizens Agenda website features YOUR agenda

By Ed Stannard, Community Engagement Editor
estannard@nhregister.com / Twitter: @edstannardnhr, @nhrvoices 

 The political season is starting to sizzle, especially in the presidential race, and the Digital First Media publications are doing our part to involve the voters and the issues you consider important.

That’s why we’ve set up our Citizens Agenda website for the 5th Congressional District, and another for the U.S. Senate race. Check out these features:

Our issues poll, in which we ask you what you think we should be focusing on in this year’s campaign: Jobs? Health care? Taxes? Let us know.

Fact Checker, in which Topics Editor Mary E. O’Leary takes on the campaigns’ claims, such as whether the cost of health care reform has doubled (according to Republican Lisa Wilson-Foley).

The Horse Race, political reporter Jordan Fenster’s reporting on the day-to-day drama of the campaigns. (We know we can’t totally ignore the press releases and the polls!)

Profiles of each candidate in the race.

And finally, but maybe most importantly, Voter Resources.

This project by the New Haven Register, Middletown Press and Register Citizen is part of a larger partnership with The Guardian and NYU’s Studio 20 journalism graduate school program. They are focusing on the presidential race. And they have a question for you:

"What is the most important question you'd want the winner of this year's presidential election to answer before entering office?" Just click on one of the two ideas to get started.

Or you may email Angi Carter and me at voices@nhregister.com. We’ll tally the answers and follow up as the race heats up even more between now and November.

Stick with us as we navigate a course through this political season.


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