Thursday, March 22, 2012

Disqus makes online comments easier, better

On Tuesday, we introduced a new story-commenting system, which we think is much better than the old one. It allows for "threading" of comments in the same conversation, so that if you reply to someone, your comment will appear under theirs, rather than down the list. You can also register by Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google -- or you can stay anonymous.

It also gives us the ability to whitelist commenters who show themselves to be responsible commenters (whether they agree with us or not) and to blacklist abusers who violate our commenting policy. No, we don't want to ban people who disagree with us, but we don't want hateful, abusive comments to lower the tone of the dialogue. (Read our commenting guidelines here.)

For more, read editor Matt DeRienzo's post in his Connecticut Newsroom blog. And see our story today asking for your feedback. Leave a comment there, here or email us at We want to hear from you!

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Disqus makes it more easier for people to comment and share there ideas. Since all they need to do is login and start to publish there ideas of feedback's about a certain article.

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