Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contribute to Her-Story

By Ann DeMatteo
Assistant Metro Editor / Twitter: @annddematteo

"Women’s Education -- Women’s Empowerment," is the theme of the 2012 National Women's History Month. The New Haven Register and its affiliated newspapers will spend March 2012 bringing you stories about women who educate, empower and do great things.

We would like for you to join us in our tribute to women.

Please nominate people you would like us to feature in these categories or add your own:
  • Man Behind the Woman:  This guy can work for or with a fabulous woman, or is in a domestic partnership with her
  • Woman of Letters: A woman who educates the public through the written word
  • Woman of Science: A researcher or scientist working on fantastic things
  • A female business leader
  • A young woman of note
  • A woman of the arts
  • A woman in education
  • A female sports figure
  • A woman of history, alive or deceased
  • A community bridge-builder
  • A female spiritual leader
  • Any woman you think deserves recognition for whatever reason
Submissions may be sent to Ann DeMatteo via email at or by telephone at 203-789-5716.

Thank you for your participation.


Blogger Michelle said...

Denial of the right to education leads to exclusion from the labor market and marginalization into the informal sector or unpaid work. This perpetuates and increases women’s poverty. Thank you to these inspiring women who wants to share their knowledge.

Famous Women in Business

March 20, 2012 at 12:44 AM 

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