Friday, August 17, 2012

Followup: We have no shortage of names for our news van

By Ed Stannard, Community Engagement Editor

Wow! Our new news van certainly doesn’t lack for potential names.

So far, 21 of you have suggested more than three dozen names for the mobile news van we’ll be using to improve our news and sports coverage and to make it easier to connect with you, our readers.

Many of you were thinking along the same lines: Reggie (a nickname for Register) was a popular pick. Bill Day pointed out that Reggie harks back to Reggie Jackson, which in turn conjures up the Jackson Newspapers, the company that once owned us. Others who suggested Reggie were Mike Bilischko, who added “the News Van that can,” Julie Corrone, Joyce Bondos

Reggie? Rolling Register? Happenings? What name do you think would be best.
Another popular choice was a play on the word Rover: The Register Rover, the Roving Register, Register’s Roving Reporter. Adam Debernardi, Sheila Spera, Linda Leo and Melanie Petro were among those who wanted us to go roving. They may have gotten the idea from TC Rover, the Pioneer Press’ van that covers the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

There were several that had a casual air about them: "out and about newsvan" by Audrey McClure, Rolling Register and Register on the Move by Sally Hopkins, The Register’s News Cruise by Jane Snaider. Someone who didn’t leave their name offered Cruisin’ Newsroom. That last suggester also offered Special Delivery and Rolling Papers, adding “I’m guessing you're not going to use this one.” Yeah, you’re probably right about that.

The idea of speed and movement inspired Linda Krausz (Register Expressway, Register Bypass, Register on the Move), Ana Nieves-Winn (News on the Go!!) and Pam Landry (Register Dream Ride Express, Register Newsline Express, Register News to Go).

Marcia Kravitt thought Happenings was snappy, and Anita Bennett came up with Now.Here.Reporting, based on our initials, NHR.

We’ve got a lot to ponder, so keep the names coming. Maybe yours will be our choice!



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